kids in camp

KICis a registered charitable organization that assists needy families in providing their kids with a summer experience at an Ontario Camping Association accredited camp. Over 1500 Kids have been assisted to date.

This is the fifth “Pass The Music On” (PTMO) event to support KIC. The first occurred in March, 2013 and featured our guest performer Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies fame. PTMO has generated donations over $150,000 to Kids In Camp to date.

The 2017 version of PTMO has been supported by 10 partner/sponsor camps. All the partner camps had been engaged in fund raising activities in their settings this past summer, in addition to organizing their camp wide talent shows. The finalists of those summer talent shows will be performing on November 26th, at the Glenn Gould Studio. One of these camper acts will be awarded the PTMO trophy at the conclusion of our show.

Our thanks and ongoing gratitude to the campers, staff and the Camp Directors of the summer camps listed below:

Camp New Moon – Jack & Sue Goodman
Crestwood Valley Day Camp – Bobby Freeman
Camp Robin Hood – Howie & Sari Grossinger
Camp Walden – Sol & Jen Birenbaum
Madawaska Camps – Ian & Carrie Eibbitt
Camp Wahanowin – Bruce & Patti Nashman
Canadian Adventure Camp – Skip Connett & Justin Gerson
Glen Bernard Camp – Jocelyn Palm & Megan Snape
Camp Northland B’nai Brith – Simon Wolle
Camp Wenonah – Jeff Bradshaw & Geoff Williamson

The 2017 “Pass The Music On” Central Planning Committee:

Jonny Lightman: Chair of PTMO
Jian Magen: Consultant
Sol Birenbaum: Budget, Major Donor
Laura Cappe: Talent Coordinator
Elaine Cole: Kids in Camp Board Member, Raffle
Howie & Sari Grossinger: Major Donors, Lunch, Volunteers
Eric Shendelman: Coordinate Major Sponsors
Ehren Gluckstein: Social Media and PTMO Site Manager
Jordanna Grossinger: Raffle, Volunteers